We hope you’re enjoying the warm weather we’re having! It sure makes for some beautiful days.

We want to remind you to be watering your lawn while it’s so hot and dry! Not doing so can cause new grass AND established grass to go dormant and die. Newly sodded lawns, and new construction lawns are especially susceptible to this! A sodded lawn that’s less than 3-5 years old needs to be watered similarly to a newly sodded lawn that is less than a year old.

A thinner lawn means more weeds as well! When the grass blades are lush and green, they create a canopy that helps prevent weed seeds from germinating. Once the blades of grass start to dry out, they lose surface area, thus making it appear even more thin while allowing weeds to break through.

We suggest splitting your yard up into sections. If you have a smaller yard that can be covered in just two sections, you can typically water your lawn in one day. A larger yard, on the other hand, will have to be split up in thirds, quarters, and so on. Depending on your time constraints, you should be watering each section for 1-2 hours, every 2nd or 3rd day until we get a good rain storm. Smaller sections require less time to water, and larger sections require more time. You want to water in the early morning (4am-8am, or early evening (4pm-6pm) for best effect. There’s less chance of the water evaporating, and will allow it to soak into the soil better.

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